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Mission and Vision



The University of the Philippines Manila College of Dentistry envisions itself to be the country’s premier academic institution providing quality dental education, training, research and service characterized by global competence, social sensitivity and responsible leadership in the continuous pursuit of excellence for the service of God and the nation.


The University of the Philippines Manila College of Dentistry:
  • Provides undergraduate and graduate degree programs that produce:
    • Biologically-oriented, technically-competent and socially-sensitive practitioners responsive to the needs of the nation and the global community
    • Leaders, trainers and researchers grounded in sound principles and critical advances in oral health and education, training, research and service
    • Individuals imbued with professionalism, integrity, excellence, nationalism and respect for diversity of cultures
  • Cultivates a team of educators, learners and auxiliary staff committed to excellence, leadership and service
  • Offers continuing education programs for the development of the profession
  • Conducts relevant ethical researches for the advancement of oral health and education


        The following are the program objectives for the curriculum:

        • PLO1. Manage patients competently, through the employment of critical thinking, while maintaining professional and ethical conduct.
        • PLO2. Apply basic skills in the management of dental practice while maintaining integrity in upholding the existing laws and regulations of the land pertinent to the practice of the profession.
        • PLO3. Promote oral and systemic health care toward community and national development while demonstrating cultural sensitivity.
        • PLO4. Apply basic knowledge in the conduct of technically and ethically sound research for the improvement of oral health in the nation.
        • PLO5. Collaborate with health professionals in advocating the improvement of dental health in the country.
        • PLO6.  Demonstrate initiative to be adept with current trends and research in dentistry and other health-related fields, in the pursuit of life- long learning.
        • PLO7.  Demonstrate skills in planning appropriate preventive, interceptive and curative oral health programs for a community.

        University of the Philippines Manila Citizen's Charter