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UP OIL: Scholarship Opportunities 2020

May we share with you the following announcements from our partner universities and institutions, for dissemination in your respective university:

1.       University of Porto Summer Courses 2020

Founded in 1911, the University of Porto (U.Porto) is a benchmark institution for Higher Education and Scientific Research in Portugal and one of the top 200 European Universities according to the most relevant international ranking systems.

Find the Summer Courses at U.Porto that might be of the interest of your students here: https://sigarra.up.pt/up/en/web_base.gera_pagina?p_pagina=1038217

If more information is needed, please contact the direct email addresses of each course or send an email to: international@reit.up.pt

2.       Utrecht Summer School 2020

Broaden your horizon with a summer course in an inspiring international environment. The Utrecht Summer School offers a broad selection of over 200 summer courses in various disciplines:
·         Culture
·         Art & Music
·         Language
·         Life Sciences
·         Health Care
·         Social Sciences
·         Science
·         Law & Economics
·         Business
·         Engineering & Technology

The Summer School is a cooperation of the Utrecht University, HU University of Applied Sciences and HKU University of the Arts. These institutions of higher education offer high quality, fully accredited summer courses in English on bachelor, master, PhD and Post-Academic level.

More information on the Utrecht Summer School can be found at www.utrechtsummerschoo.nl.

3.       Visiting International Research Students (VIRS) at University of British Columbia

UBC is a hub for outstanding researchers from around the world and welcomes visiting international research students (VIRS) to participate in our community of inquiry.
A VIRS student is an international student conducting research full-time at UBC, under the supervision of a UBC faculty member. The student is either enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, or graduate-equivalent program at another university or is a participant in a UBC-recognized (through Go Global) “bridging” program.
The VIRS admission process is rolling and there are no deadlines. We strongly encourage students to submit their applications at least 8 weeks before the intended date of arrival.
For further details, including eligibility and application procedures, kindly visit their website at https://students.ubc.ca/about-student-services/go-global/coming-ubc-study-abroad/visiting-international-research-virs

4.       Science and Engineering Scholarship for Graduate Program at Sejong University

Sejong University will offer selected students their Scholarship Program for Graduate Course (Master's & Ph.D. Degree). For the recruitment process, the online application scholarship period will be starting from 24th February 2020 until 16 March 2020 and they will interview some academically talented students of engineering and natural science from our University of the following departments:

·         Computer Science Engineering
·         Intelligent Mechatronics Engineering
·         Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Engineering
·         Electronics Engineering
·         Aerospace Engineering
·         Structural Engineering
·         Architectural Engineering
·         Computer Science and Engineering
·         Mechanical Engineering
·         Chemistry

Detailed information regarding the time and venue for the interview will be updated soon.

Kindly see below the details of the scholarship:

·         Tuition fee: 100%
·         Stipend: depends on the professor & the project
* Dormitory & Health Insurance will be provided by the University. However, students should bear the cost of dormitory and Health Insurance.

Selection Process:
·         For students who have backgrounds related to the departments mentioned above.
·         Fill out the online application form (Link below)
·         IELTS (minimum 5.5), TOEFL (PBT; 555/CBT;225/IBT;85), TEPS (minimum 710)
·         Previous Academic performance & research
·         Interview by the Sejong University during their visit and Professor (online) if needed.

To Apply:
Fill out the application form (access within the period only 24th February 2020 - 16th March 2020): http://oia.sejong.ac.kr/contents/oia/cor/onlineas2.html

* Please follow the instructions below
1)      Program choose “Interview application for Fall 2020 Graduate School”
2)      Fill out student data information
3)      Select "Interview application" in the circle checklist.
4)      Select “application” from the ACADEMIC INFORMATION menu on the application screen.
5)      select interview_application ”

Attached is the detailed Job Description (JD) for the scholarship. For Sejong University’s PR Materials and Research Profile, you may view them here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PVK1OaaxQCv1OtISIacEAE21ZNi7F03j

5.       Higher Education for ASEAN Talents (HEAT): Scholarship Opportunity for ASEAN Faculty Members in the Republic of Korea

The Korea Council for University Education (KCUE) is launching a new scholarship entitled "Higher Education for ASEAN Talents (HEAT): Scholarship Opportunity for ASEAN Faculty Members in the Republic of Korea".
The HEAT scholarship is funded by the ASEAN-Korea Cooperation Fund aiming to invite faculty members from ASEAN Member States to pursue doctoral degree in ROK. This program will also enhance their expertise and promote academic exchanges between Korea and ASEAN.

In 2020, a total of 30 scholarship recipients from 10 AMS (3 persons per country) will be awarded a full scholarship for 3 years. Awardees will be offered a round trip airfare, monthly allowance, tuition, relocation allowance, and other related expenses. Following are the selected 6 universities offering the doctoral programs for ASEAN faculty members:    

1) Chung-Ang University
2) Ewha Womens University
3) Jeonbuk National University
4) Kangwon National University
5) Korea University
6) Kyung Hee University

The 2020 HEAT program guidelines and details of scholarship are attached.

Should you have any queries regarding the scholarship, please contact the following person: 

Ms. Jung Eun Lee
Researcher, International Cooperation Division, KCUE
Phone: +82-2-6919-3955/ Fax: +82-2-6919-3910
E-mail: jeun@kcue.or.kr

6.       Nagaoka Summer School for Young Engineers (NASSYE) in 2020

Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT) is currently inviting students from overseas universities to apply for the Nagaoka Summer School for Young Engineers (NASSYE) in 2020. This program is open to students in their third year of a university undergraduate program, or scheduled to graduate before August 31, 2021. The program offers students the opportunity to participate in research on the topics set by the laboratories at NUT, as well as cultural exchange.

Our university will accept 20 students from all over the world for 2020 Nagaoka Summer School for Young Engineers (NASSYE). The students participating in this program will receive the scholarship.

All programs of NASSYE will be conducted in English.

For the Application Procedure and Details, kindly visit:
https://www.nagaokaut.ac.jp/e/kokusai/summerprogram/nassye.html. Application deadline is on 03 April 2020.

All correspondence should be made to:
Division of International Affairs
Nagaoka University of Technology,
1603-1, Kamitomioka, Nagaoka, Niigata,
940-2188, JAPAN
Phone: +81-258-47-9237
Fax: +81-258-47-9283

7.       Fully funded PhD Program under ASEAN Fellowship Scheme at Indian Institutes of Technology Bhilai (IIT Bhilai)

Indian Institutes of Technology Bhilai (IIT Bhilai) is among the 23 IITs established by the Ministry of Human Resources and Development, Government of India as Institutes of National Importance. IIT Bhilai is situated in the Central India in the state of Chhattisgarh, which is rich of cultural heritage and well-connected to the other parts of the country by air, rail and road network.

Having gained its nationwide reputation in terms of teaching and research excellence, IIT Bhilai started extending its wing beyond the national boundary. In this regard, IIT Bhilai is offering admissions to fully-funded PhD program for candidates from ASEAN countries as a special rive from the Government of India. Students admitted through this drive will be provided a monthly fellowship of 31,000 INR per month for the first two years and 35,000 INR per month for the next three years.

IIT Bhilai offered admission to four students under the ASEAN fellowship scheme during the last round of application. This will be an excellent opportunity for the students from ASEAN countries to work with the faculty members of global reputation, in a research-centric environment.

Details of the scholarship as well as the procedures can be found in the attached brochure. Deadline of application submission is on 31 March 2020.

8.       2020 Elite Scholarship Program

Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages has an MOE education grant for in-service teachers from their partner universities to study in the graduate programs in Fall, 2020.

The study grant is open to all eligible (lecturers) faculty members of our university. Please note that Taiwan (R.O.C.) and overseas Chinese citizenships are not eligible to apply.

The grant covers the following:

A total of 2-year stipend of NTD$ 600,000 (approx. USD$20,000) (NTD$25,000 per month) that covers all the expenses during the graduate program, such as tuition fee and accommodation.

Documents to prepare:
1.       Accomplished Application Form (attached) and other necessary attachments
2.       CV
3.       Lecturer certificate/diploma, approved lectureship certificate (IF ANY)
4.       Passport details, i.e., copy of the first page (Personal data) of your passport

Currently, Wenzao offers eight graduate programs, as attached below, with five Mandarin-taught and three English-taught programs. 
Kindly submit the application requirements to oiccrecruit@mail.wzu.edu.tw and through their mailing address on or before 30 April 2020 at:
Section of Overseas Students Affairs
Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages
900 Mintsu 1st Road Kaohsiung 80793
Taiawan, R.O.C.

9.       2020 NCHU’s Summer Program for Global Sustainable Governance

The 2020 NCHU’s GSG program is catered towards domestic and international participants from the senior undergraduate to graduate level.

Participants are expected to cover their own transportation costs to the NCHU campus, including round-trip airfare and local transportation in Taiwan. NCHU will cover all other expenses, including meals, accommodation, and academic and extracurricular activities.

After finishing the courses, participating students receive the opportunity to acquire academic credits after completing the program.

This program has maximum capacity of 45 participants.

If students would like to join the program, please send the application documents and materials to: nchugsg@gmail.comand put "Apply for GSG Program" as the title.

For more information, kindly see attached program and application form.

10.   ASEAN-China Young Leaders Scholarship (ACYLS) 2020

The ACYLS is an initiative put forward by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and echoed by all ASEAN leaders at the 21st ASEAN-China Summit in 2018. It enables ASEAN nationals to pursue post-graduate studies and training opportunities in China, thus enhancing ASEAN’s capacity building and promoting academic and vocation exchanges between China and ASEAN. The Chinese government, through the China Mission to ASEAN in cooperation with the Joint Committee in Jakarta, offers 40 full scholarships for AUN member and associate member universities for the ACYLS 2020.

Scholarship Categories:
The 2020 ACYLS intake includes the award for:
·         10 Master’s degree programme
·         10 Doctoral degree programme
·         20 One-semester research scholar programme

Financial Scheme:
ACYLS offers full scholarship covering all program-related expenses including tuition waiver and other school fees, accommodation, round-trip international airfare, comprehensive medical insurance and stipends.

Applicants of ACYLS should meet the following criteria:

a.       Citizen of 10 ASEAN Member States;
b.       In sound physical and mental health;
c.       Proficient in English (i.e., must possess an IELTS score of at least 6.0 or a TOEFL score of at least 80 points);
d.       Holder of an undergraduate degree and under the age of 45 if applying for a master’s degree;
e.       Holder of a graduate/master’s degree and under the age of 45 if applying for a PhD degree;
f.        Holder of at least an undergraduate degree if applying for the short-term research program;                                                                                                                    
g.       Having at least one-year work experience within government agencies, public or private institutions, universities, think-tanks or similar social agencies   
How to apply:
Applicants have to complete an online application at http://www.csc.edu.cn/studyinchina or http://www.campuschina.organd click “Scholarship Application for Students” to log in. Please refer to the attached ACYLS Guidebook, pages 6-7 and 12-13 for more information on the application procedure.

One original hard copy of the applications must be submitted to the AUN Secretariat Office no later than 31 March 2020 with the address as follows:

ASEAN University Network (AUN) Secretariat
17 Floor., Chaloem Rajakumari 60 Building, Chulalongkorn University
Phayathai Rd., Bangkok 10330
Tel: 662-2153640 ext 106
Fax: 662-2168808

The scholarship information is available at the AUN website: http://www.aunsec.org/scholarships14.php.