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UPCD Announcement

In the light of the recent development regarding extended suspension of classes, and in line with the President’s directive of the so-called community quarantine, as result of Covid 19 pandemic, the UPCD administration in concurrence with the College Executive Committee’s suggestions and deference to UP Manila Administration, is hereby issuing this statement:

The safety of all UPCD constituents is primordial above all concerns as regard the present situation.  Disinfection of the entire building, including all classrooms, clinics, laboratories, offices, toilets, etc. have been ordered (and implemented) taking advantage of  the initial one week suspension of classes in anticipation of the supposed return of students, teaching personnel, patients, and auxiliary workers (non-teaching staff).  The administration would like to, as much as possible, avoid or reduce re-contamination of the facilities of the building upon resumption of classes in April.  Likewise, for the protection of those who will need to enter the building premises during this time, the following guidelines will be enforced strictly:
  1. Enter the building only when it is absolutely necessary.  Screening of general symptoms will be done prior to entry.  Symptomatic individuals will not be allowed to enter the building.
  2.  Upon entry, hand washing and disinfection will be required.  Disinfectants will be provided to individuals at the guard post and they will be directed to a designated area for hand washing.
  3. PPE (mask, protective eyewear and gloves) will also be recommended upon entry
  4.  Each person will be given only 20-30 minutes just to give enough time to retrieve their belongings.
  5. Security will require logging in of the
    1. Reason/Purpose for entry, and also the
    2. Areas intended to be accessed. 
  6.  Logging out will also be required to indicate all areas accessed for disinfection later on.
  7. Avoid unnecessary contact with disinfected clinical and laboratory equipment
  8. Immediately upon exit, PPE must be disposed of properly; Hand washing and disinfection will again be required before leaving.

Further, as consequence of the suspension classes, training of the students have been disrupted jeopardizing training and education.  Therefore, the following contingency measures should and will be considered: 
  1. Whenever applicable, teachers should institute alternative and innovative teaching modalities.
  2. Considering laboratory and clinical sessions, including field works in the Department of Community Dentistry, research and thesis activities required of students both in the undergraduate and graduate areas, extensions and make-up sessions are in order.
  3. Sections and clinical disciplines, including in-charge of the didactic courses, should consider facilitation of learning activities, i.e., case discussions, presentations, reports, etc., without prejudice to the set learning outcomes and standards of excellence.
The UPCD administration intends to consider a day by day review of the developments, progress, situations, and directives of government and of the University, and therefore may issue additional guidelines and/or modifications and amendments to the above statement.

The administration is calling for the cooperation of all members of the UPCD community and is appealing for sobriety and prayers.

Let us all be optimistic that we shall overcome these challenges.

Stay safe everyone.

Danilo L. Magtanong, DDM, MHPEd, FPPS
Dean, UP Manila College of Dentistry