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UP-PGH COVID 19 Bayanihan Na! Operations Center

“UP-PGH COVID 19 Bayanihan Na! Operations Center” has been established as a result of an agreement arrived at by UP System (Pres. Concepcion), UPManila (Chancellor Padilla) & PGH (Director Legaspi). This is in part the decision that will put together various “bayanihan” efforts among the UP Community all over the country, which will formalize the system and structure that will facilitate the University’s reception of support for its frontline workers. The Operations Center will mainly function as a “call center” where 20 PLDT lines will serve as “hotlines.” According to the Chancellor, acting as in-charge (Commander) of the Center, five (5) lines will receive communications pertaining to donations. While 15 lines will accommodate COVID-related queries and concerns from patients and the public as whole. The Center will be manned by volunteers in three shifts, and may be deployed 1 or 2 days a week, depending on the available volunteer workforce. Qualified and properly oriented (trained) volunteers will be tasked to answer calls and queries and some may be assigned to supervisory and other assignments within the Center. The work is a NO PATIENT CONTACT task, and will be situated in the PGH Nurses’ Home, some 400 meters from the hospital. Meals, transports and quarters (for those who will have night duties) will be provided by the Center. Other details will follow.
The UP Manila Chancellor, Dr. Carmencita Padilla, therefore is calling and appealing for faculty members, non-teaching staff and even students to volunteer for the Center. There will be screening though, primarily for “skills-matching” depending on the capabilities of the would be volunteers. Students who will be joining will have to seek consent from the Dean. 


UPCD Volunteers

Please coordinate with Drs. Jeje Rebueno-Santos and Charlie Atienza who will be both in-charge of the recruitment of volunteers from our College.  Rules and the process of the recruitment, implementation and other details sent by the Chancellor, are attached below. The Center intends to start operating on Monday, March 30.


(FB messenger)

(FB messenger)



1. Read the details as posted in the  announcement above

2. Download (save image) and fill-out and sign the forms attached entitled: 


3. Scan (take a clear photo)and send to cnatienza1@up.edu.ph

All forms will be sent by batches to


4. Note the Orientation schedules (ZOOM Meeting) and standby for further announcements and details. The UP Manila team will then be informing the volunteers of the assignments and schedules.

General Orientation schedules: March 27, 28, 29, 30 at 4pm

Join Zoom Meeting 

(copy/paste the address below on your browser, login using the meeting ID and password provided) :




The UP PGH COVID-19 Bayanihan Na! Operations Center is staffed by volunteers. Dr. Scarlet Mia Tabunar

has been requested to lead the Center and she is assisted by Dr. Anthony Relucio Perez (Donation Arm)
and Dr. Diana Tamondong-Lachica (Patient Query Arm).

A PLDT hotline number has been assigned to the Center to respond to phone inquiries. Phone scripts have

been prepared and call agents just have to follow the algorithm of responses.

We are looking for volunteers who will be deployed at the Center, a 24/7 facility. 

We need 60 volunteers every day- 20 per 8-hour shift.
Transient lodging will be provided for the volunteers at the night shift.

The Center is housed at the Nurses Home. Nurses Home is the building outside of the PGH main building.

We invite you to be part of this movement!


Download and fill-out the form, scan (take a clear photo)and send to cnatienza1@up.edu.ph
All scanned forms will be sent by batches to: covid_bnoc.uppgh@up.edu.ph

Name of Volunteer:
[ ] Student
[ ] FAculty
[ ] JREPS 
[ ] JAdmin. 
[ ] others _______

Age (limited to 18 to 60 years old):
Mobile Number:
Email Address:

Instruction: Kindly check at least 2 areas that you are willing to be assigned based on your

A. Patient Query Arm 

(requires a 1-hour orientation/hands-on session)

[ ] Supervisor
[ ] Call center agent

B. Donation Arm

( ) Call center agent (requires a 1-hour orientation/hands-on session)
( ) Data encoder
( ) Inventory auditor/checker
( ) Support staff

C. Others

[ ] Debriefing team
[ ] for other possible volunteer opportunities, contact covid_bnoc.uppgh@up.edu.ph

General Orientation schedules: March 27, 28, 29, 30 at 4pm
Join Zoom Meeting; 


Updated as of 3/29/20 1055

UP-PGH COVID 19 Bayanihan Na! Operations Center

[Call center with 2 arms: 
Donation and Patient Query -situated at Nurse's home inside UP-PGH Compound]

Dear Alumni Members, Faculty, Students and Non Acad Personnel, 

There are 3 possible ways members of this group can help in this Initiative:

1. First would be to provide support to the "Donation Arm".  This could be done by directing all donations to the Bayanihan na! center. Final Contact details shall be provided later. We can help facilitate the donation process through the Bayanihan Na! Op Center.

Please direct your donations to
Coordinator for Resource Generation
Trunk Line (02) 8554 8400 Local 2004
Cell Contact (0919) 350 6917
March 21, 2020 12NN

2. Second is to invite potential volunteers to this FB group to sign-up to be part of the "Patient Query Arm". Alumni members may also sign-up so that when the time comes that the Op Center will request and ask the alumni to take part,  they would be ready with a list of volunteers. Kindly fill-out the volunteer reply forms attached by clicking the link below.

3. Third is to support the UPDAA's UP Dentista Para sa Bayan, and other initiatives  organized by Dr Rochelle and her team.  Kindly coordinate with President Rochelle Javier thru the UPDAA FB group.

Google Form access for volunteers to sign up:

Updated link: https://tinyurl.com/BayanihanVolunteerForm