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Message from Dean Danilo Magtanong (060120)

Message from Dean Danilo Magtanong:

Dear fellow teachers of the College of Dentistry,

I hope that this finds you all healthy & safe, as well as your loved ones.

In anticipation of the start of the first semester in the coming school year under the so-called “new normal,” adjustments & modification of our courses, pursuant to the BOR directives, and as also relayed to us by Dr. Bette Murjani, Chair of our Curriculum Committee, in her email (Subject: First Semester 2020-2021), dated 30 May 2020, teaching-learning materials for our courses (in the context of flexible modalities) have to be planned & developed.  The events that we all have been experiencing, regarding the adjustment in the academic calendar, as well as its “shortened” duration, as consequences of this pandemic, we are called upon to respond appropriately, in order to fulfill our mandate of training & education.

Having said those, I am urging (and reiterating my encouragement for) everyone to do our share.  For those who are capable let us all start (if you have not started) planning & developing innovative teaching materials for our courses for the coming semester.  For those who have started, continue & carry on. 
For those who would need assistance, and probably have a feeling of inadequacy, please do not hesitate to let us know, so we can facilitate the conduct of the trainings that the University will be giving.

This rallying call also holds good for some of the courses which are going to institute needed bridging sessions.

Thank you so much.  Stay healthy & safe.  God Bless us all.