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Retirement of Faculty Members and Non-academic Staff

Retirement of Faculty Members

UP College of Dentistry honors the invaluable service of six esteemed faculty members of the college. 

Dean Danilo Magtanong finished his Doctor of Dental Medicine at the UP College of Dentistry in 1986 and was recruited as a member of the faculty of the Section of Prosthodontics after graduation. He completed his Masters in Health Professions Education at the National Teacher’s Training Center for the Health Professions, also in UP Manila in 2004. He has been in the academe for 36 years and took his oath as Dean of the college in 2016. Dean Danny retired in October 2022. 

Dean Vicente O. Medina obtained his DDM degree from UPCD in 1986. He obtained his Doctor of Philosophy in Research from the School of Dentistry at Niigata, Nippon Dental University in 2002. He joined the UPCD academe in 1987 and served as the Dean of UP College of Dentistry from 2010-2016. Dean Vic is known to many as a dedicated professor of Restorative Dentistry.  Dean Vic retired in January 2023.

Dean Vic’s loving wife, Dr. Maria Concepcion Balajadia-Medina has also joined the roster of UPCD’s retirees in January 2023. She graduated with a DDM degree from UPCD in 1986 and started teaching in June 1989. She is known in the college as an excellent educator in Endodontics and Oral Histology. 

Dr. Antolin P. Serraon of Class of 1980 was Chairperson of the Department of Clinical Dental Health Sciences from 2016 to 2022. He was also a Section Head of the Oral Medicine Section and a long-time faculty member in Periodontics and Dental Anesthesiology. He is one of the founding members of the Periodontal Society of the Philippines. Dr. Al retired in August 2023. 

Dr. Heherson M. Tumang graduated from UPCD in 1981. He held several administrative positions in the College such as College Secretary and Chairperson of the Department of Clinical Dental Health Sciences. He headed the Fixed Partial Prosthodontics (FPD) Course for many years until his retirement last October 2023. Dr. Tumang has a Masters degree in Health Professions Education from the UP Manila National Teachers Training Center for the Health Professions. 

Dr. Joseph Raoul Buizon graduated from UPCD in 1983. He was a Clinical Associate Professor of the Operative Dentistry Section, a volunteer position for more than a decade. Aside from practicing dentistry, he is also a professional photographer and teacher of photography. He retired this April 2024. 

UP College of Dentistry will forever be grateful for their exceptional work and service throughout the years. Best wishes!

Retirement of Non-academic Staff

Three of the most valuable non-academic staff joined the list of retirees among the non-academic UPCD staff. Mrs. Amelia G. de Castro, Mr. Eddie Tiotangco and Mr. Crisologo Nabor Caraqueo rendered excellent service to the college. 

Ate Mhel is the ever-reliable OCS staff and Kuya Eddie and Kuya Cris have given enormous support to the clinicians. It is no wonder that all of them are well-loved by the students, alumni, faculty and their fellow UPCD staff. 

Ate Mhel, Kuya Eddie and Kuya Cris, as we fondly call them started serving in the University in 1983, 1975, 1982, respectively. Generations of dental graduates will always have happy, unforgettable memories with all of them. Cheers!