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University of the Philippines Manila
College of Dentistry

UPM-PGH Compound
Pedro Gil St. Corner Taft Avenue Manila 1000 Philippines

Main Trunk Line: (+632) 3023983
Local 101: Dean's Office
Local 102: College Secretary's Office
Local 103: Fax (Admin)
Local 104: Administration Office

Local 109: Operative Dentistry Section - Restorative, Pediatric, Fixed Partial Prosthodontics

Local 110: Prosthodontics Section - Removable Partial and Complete Denture Prosthodontics

Local 111: Oral Medicine Section - Periodontics, Endodontics

Local 112: Oral Surgery Subsection 


I. Doctor of Dental Medicine

  • Pre-Dentistry
  • Doctor of Dental Medicine (DDM) (Undergraduate Dentistry)

II. Master of Science in Dentistry - Orthodontics

III. Continuing Education Programs

For Inquiries, kindly contact the course coordinators for each program:  
  1. Comprehensive Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry (CRED) : (632) 302-6387 loc. 111 - Dr. Armin Segarra
  2. Dental Implantology Course  : (632) 302-6387 loc. 110 - Dr. Jean Arevalo
  3. Continuing Education in Periodontology  (632) 302-6387 loc. 112 - Dr. Bette Murjani
  4. Integrated Enhancement Course in Removable Dentures Prosthodontics (CD and RPD)  ; (632) 302-6387 loc. 110 - Dr. Charlie Atienza
  5. Temporomandibular and Orofacial Pain Program - (632) 302-6387 loc 111 Dr. Josievitz Umali Tan 
  6. Continuing Education in Oral Surgery - (632) 302-6387 loc. 112 - Dr. Elmer Escoto
  7. Oral Cancer Screening Workshop - (632) 302-6387 loc 112 Dr. Ian Ermita
  8. Pediatric Dentistry Workshop -(632) 302-6387 loc 111 Dr. Mayee Regudo
  9. Infection Control Workshop - (632) 302-6387 loc 111 Dr. May Macapia
  10. CBCT Cone Beam Computed Tomography Workshop - Dr. Ian Ermita (632) 302-6387 loc. 112

I. Program Administration

The Doctor of Dental Medicine is a straight six-year course. 

The following are the program objectives for the curriculum:

PO1 Manage patients competently, through the employment of critical thinking, while maintaining professional and ethical conduct.
PO2 Apply basic skills in the management of dental practice while maintaining integrity in upholding the existing laws and regulations of the land pertinent to the practice of the profession.
PO3 Promote oral and systemic health care toward community and national development while demonstrating cultural sensitivity.
PO4 Apply basic knowledge in the conduct of technically and ethically sound research for the improvement of oral health in the nation.
PO5 Collaborate with health professionals in advocating the improvement of dental health in the country.
PO6  Demonstrate initiative to be adept with current trends and research in dentistry and other health-related fields, in the pursuit of life- long learning.
PO7  Demonstrate skills in planning appropriate preventive, interceptive and curative oral health programs for a community.

II. Admission Requirements
The Doctor of Dental Medicine (DDM) program of the College aims to provide quality education to prepare dental students for the general practice of dentistry as a health service profession and to develop in them awareness of the profession's fundamental, ethical and legal responsibility to the health of the community and the nation, as a whole.

                 The UP College of Dentistry follows the admission requirements set by the University for beginning Year Level 1 students. Entering YL1 students are accepted only during the first semester of every academic calendar year. A maximum of 60 students are accepted every academic year. If there are foreign*** student applicants, a maximum of two (2) will be accepted. However, Filipino applicants with foreign citizenship are given priority.

A. Guidelines for Admission:

1. Educational Attainment

a. Senior high school (SHS) graduates

          Grades 11 and 12 have several academic tracks, including HESS/HUMSS (Humanities, Education and Social Sciences), ABM (Accountancy, Business and Management) and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Varied core subjects are offered per track. Those who pass the UPCAT with a 70% in sciences, regardless of track, are qualified.

b. Baccalaureate Degree Holders from UP and other schools. 
             No undergraduate transferees from other schools will be considered.

c. Shiftees from other colleges within the UP System
The College of Dentistry will accept shiftees only before the start of the 1st semester of every academic year during the specified application period set by the University. 
This is to minimize the possibility of MRR or MRR with appeals. The dentistry subjects are only offered once a year and higher-level subjects have prerequisites. Thus, the entry in the second semester of the school year will leave them with back subjects they would need to await. It is therefore more prudent for them to enter in the first semester.


       The Equivalent percentages for each criterion are:

GWA- 60%
Dexterity examination will be 20% of the total admission grade


The College of Dentistry follows existing scholastic delinquency rules set by the University with some specifications contextualized to the college.

A. For Senior High School graduates

1. Dexterity exams

          This will be in various forms, including, but not limited to, mirror image drawings, passing the wire test for steadiness of hands and wax carvings. Just like in the College of Fine Arts, students who fail the dexterity exam will not be taken into the program. This will be administered right after the UPCAT exam to provide sufficient time for checking and release of results.
     Once admitted, the student shall undergo the following for both self-evaluation so the college can provide better guidance and monitoring:
2. Interview

The interview will consist of questions that determine their sincere desire for dentistry, their communication and interpersonal skills, and their values, character and expectations. This will be conducted soon after acceptance into the DDM program (before enrollment) to give the students more input, which will help them decide if they wish to enroll.

3. Psychological Test

This will be conducted in coordination with the guidance counsellor’s office and the Department of Psychiatry, College of Medicine, both of which have available tools which could be used. This test aims to assess the student's current psychological and emotional state.

B. For Baccalaureate Degree Holders** from UP and other schools 

1. The required General Weighted Average (GWA) for applicants with a Baccalaureate Degree are:
UP Degree holder - GWA of 2.5
Non UP Degree holder - GWA of 2.0

2. Interview grades based on:

communication skills
general knowledge

3. Dexterity Examination - Exercises are given to the applicant to evaluate his/her:

manual dexterity
ability to follow instructions

C. For shiftees** wanting to enter the DDM program

Shiftees must:

1. Have a GWA of 2.5 and CWA of 2.75 or better
2. Have attended a maximum of 4 semesters in UP
3. Present a certificate of good moral character issued by the proper authorities
4. Pass the dexterity exam

Once accepted, shiftees must finish all pre-clinical courses and deficiencies before the fifth-year level when clinics will begin. They will not be allowed to begin clinical dentistry with deficiencies in preclinical subjects.

Additional Guidelines

** Shiftees and BS degree holder transferees shall present their transcripts to the University Registrar’s office and apply for an equivalence of courses taken to determine the General Education (GE) and foundational courses that still need to be taken.

*** Foreign applicants (non-Filipino citizens) must satisfy the qualifications stated above. In addition, foreign applicants who are from countries not using English as their first language must satisfy the TOEFL or IELTS score specified by the University. Accepted foreign students will be required to attend Filipino classes for Filipino Language Proficiency.

For shiftees wanting to leave the DDM program
Students will be allowed to shift out of Dentistry (to another program within the system) provided they comply with Return Service Agreement (RSA) terms and conditions.