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Recognition and Regular Faculty Meeting held on Aug 17, 2022

The newly appointed UPCD administration under Dean Michelle S. Segarra recognized the 6-year dedicated service of the administration under Dean Danilo Magtanong during the Regular Faculty Meeting held on Aug 17, 2022. Dean Danny's executive committee consists of 

Dr. Cristina Laureta, College Secretary; 

Dr. Charlie Atienza, Assistant to the Dean and 

Department Committee chairpersons: 

Dr. Bette Murjani,Basic Dental Health Sciences; 

Dr. Al Serraon, Clinical Dental Health Sciences; 

Dr. Jeje Rebueno-Santos, Community Dentistry and 

Dr. Lotus Llavore (represented by Dr. Josievitz Tan-Zafra), Graduate Program in Orthodontics.

All their hardwork for the college were very much appreciated especially the challenges they faced during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The current Executive Committee under Dean Michelle Sunico Segarra are as follows:

Dr. Josievitz Tan-Zafra: Assistant to the Dean;

Dr. Jeje Rebueno-Santos: College Secretary;

Dr. Melanie Karganilla Frange: Chair of the Clinical Dental Health Sciences Department;

Dr. Elmer Escoto: Chair of the Basic Dental Health Sciences Department;

Dr. Michael Mendoza: Chair of the Community Dentistry Department; and

Dr. Cristy Laureta: Head of the Graduate  Program in Orthodontics